we are the senise family!


there’s me, Marcela.
there’s Teo.
there’s Jasmine.
there’s Stella.
we are a happy, fun and dinamic family.
moving to San Francisco is our new project.
some time off from europe. yet a choice of a very european city in america…or so they say…
we’ll need a place to live.
i’ll go back to study for a bit.
i’ll work (under the legal hours my M1 visa should allow me to).
so in order to get some (or loads of) things sorted i decided to open this blog so to ask for suggestions, tips, advices and also share the developments from now on….getting absolutely everything sorted to leave Turin (where we live right now) and get to SF safe and sound for the next year of our lives. (a year at least…)
expecting moving date is beginning of December 2013. yeao just in time for Christmas!
welcome in our lives and we hope to be welcomed in your lives as well!
please do not hesitate to ask questions….these was just a very brief intro about us!


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